Learning a new language can enrich life in different ways. The following are some of them:

1. Travel

Enjoy your vacation even more by getting to know the local population. You will be less stressed and feel better. People appreciate tourists who try to speak their language and become even friendlier with them.

2. Work

If you list you skills in foreign languages in you CV you will immediately become better candidates for the employers. In today’s labor market the competition is high, that is why your resume must be better than everyone else’s.

3. Cognitive skills

Language learning improves the brain capacity. Many studies have shown various advantages brought upon by learning a foreign language. These include better memory, ability to multitask, and even preventing dementia!

4. Making new friends

Language classes are gatherings of individuals with various profiles and interests. Come out from your social circle and meet different people, who most likely you would not have the possibility to communicate with and get to know.

5. Discover new cultures

Language is a huge part of the culture of each country. Find out more about people by learning their native language.

6. Understanding the foreign music and movies

The moment you learn another language, a new world of entertainment opens up for you. There is nothing worse than watching synchronized or subtitled films. Only basic understanding of the language is sufficient in order to enjoy the film in its original version.

7. Impressive people

You can be impressive in foreign restaurants if you pronounce the meals from the menu properly.

8. Employment in a foreign country

The knowledge of a foreign language helps you materialize your dream abroad. Working abroad is a great experience.

9. Better knowledge of your own language

In the process of learning a foreign language, you become aware of your native language. It turns out that people who study a foreign language actually improve the knowledge of their own language.

10. Feeling of success

Learning does not have to stop when you finish school. People of all ages learn new languages and this gives them a sense that they have achieved something in life.

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